• Where is Fidar?
    Fidar is located 5min before Byblos Jbeil if arriving from Beirut. 5 min after Byblos jbeil if arriving from the north of Lebanon.

  • What form of payment do you require to hold the reservation?
    Credit cards as it’s an online booking.

  • What forms of payment do you accept when at the guesthouse?
    both cash ($ or LBP) & Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard)

  • Is the Zita House a non-smoking guesthouse?
    yes, You can only smoke outside.

  • How can I secure meals after breakfast?
    You can ask the team for the menu. Click here to download menu.

  • Is there a representative at the house 24hours?
    Team members are present 24/7 at the guesthouse, but for further information or special requests, you can reach the manager at all times on 03616088 via call or via whatsapp message, via email on [email protected]

  • Do you offer airport pickup/dropoff?
    Yes, upon request. Additional fees apply.

  • Do you offer car service to Byblos?
    Yes, upon request. Additional fees apply.

  • Is the restaurant Public or only for the host and guests?
    Our kitchen caters to guests in house only.

  • Is there anyone to assist us with our luggage?
    Yes, during regular check in and check out hours.

  • What exactly is the room equipped with?
    - Towels
    - Hairdryer
    - Shampoo
    - Conditioner
    - AC
  • Can we host a party?
    Zita offers an escape journey full of tranquility and relaxations. We do not host parties or loud celebrations.

  • Can we book the entire villa?
    Yes, for further information to contact the manager on 03616088

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Zita Fidar is a vibrant and exciting event space, and the venue of choice for all private celebrations, from wedding receptions to business functions to casual gatherings. For further information on services, event options, or to arrange an in-person visit, please contact us via our booking form below, or call us directly at +961 03 616 088 or Email us at: [email protected]